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YOLO Mentoring


Therapeutic Services

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The following statistics are representative of YOLO Mentoring’s clientele and work during the date range of September 2012 to October 2015:

- Clients served range from ages 4 to 19 years old

- YOLO has mentored more than 750 children throughout the Orange, Seminole Osceola counties

- 45% of the children are in foster care

- 10% of the children simultaneously utilize more than one service provided by YOLO Mentoring (i.e. pairing mentoring with tutoring)

- 78% of the children have been reunified or permanently placed while receiving services

- More than 30 children have been specifically referred to YOLO Mentoring to receive mentoring services for placement stabilization*

- After approximately six months of receiving mentoring from YOLO Mentoring, all of the children have remained in their or moved out of licensed foster care to a relative or non-relative home

- About 88% of the children referred to YOLO Mentoring for criminal activity (those required by the juvenile courts to have a mentor) have not acquired any new law violations after receiving mentoring services for six months

- length of mentoring ranges from six months to one year

- Mentors visit and spend time with their children on a weekly basis to provide them with consistent mentoring